Duet Contest

Voting starts 2020-04-17 at 11:00

Participants can be in up to two duets maximum

Come down to Nick's and have a friend record you and another friend with a mobile device doing a Duet Song. Doesn't have to be a Duet song but the two of you are required to sing individually during the song and together in harmony during the course of the song. You don't have to record the whole song as long as all those parts are included. Upload it to Youtube or Facebook and submit the link to that video HERE along with a username

You can also register a username yourself for your duo such as "Peaches and Cream" and submit the video when you're logged in. Voting starts on the date mentioned above. Contestants vote among themselves. Only contestants can vote and duos have to vote for 4 other duos when the voting starts. - no judges.

Voting Starts 2020-04-17 at 11:00